What Does a Marketing Agency Do?

What Does a Marketing Agency Do?

There are literally thousands of marketing agencies worldwide (and right here in the Bay Area!) dedicated to helping businesses meet their goals and connect with their target audiences. Agencies provide businesses with an extensive suite of skills covering everything from SEO to social media management.

As experts from outside your company, they provide fresh eyes that can help identify new opportunities and overcome challenges. A consultant may act either independently or complement existing teams.

Marketing Strategy

An agency can assist in crafting an overarching marketing strategy to unify all your efforts, rather than trying to execute each piece piecemeal without an integrated plan in place. This way, all aspects will work seamlessly together.

Marketing strategy for any business is a comprehensive plan that addresses product, price, place and promotion of goods or services as well as customer behavior and relationships. Relationship marketing could help build loyalty by sending discounts or special offers directly to customers.

Digital marketing encompasses online advertisements on social media or search engines using pay-per-click (PPC) ads, email drip campaigns that send repeated emails over time, and professional web design and development services that keep up with industry trends. A marketing agency may also provide such services.


Marketing agencies perform several essential services for their clients. Their main functions are conducting research, setting goals, executing the plan and evaluating performance as well as communicating messages directly to target audiences. Marketing agencies work alongside clients in order to identify business models, opportunities and competition; selecting target audiences accordingly and ultimately creating communication campaigns tailored specifically for clients.

Agencies offer expertise across numerous fields, and offer quick turnaround times – which makes them especially effective when businesses need to expand their marketing strategies quickly.

Marketing agencies can be invaluable resources when it comes to advertising your brand online and increasing online visibility. From commercial production to brand voice improvement and connecting you with wider audiences, these agencies can handle everything from social media management, email marketing and SEO strategies all the way through to keeping up with digital trends – which is why selecting one that meets your individual needs is of utmost importance.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing agencies assist their clients with planning and executing online content that targets public audiences – this may include websites, social media platforms and email campaigns as well as video production or search engine optimization services. A good digital marketing agency should stay abreast of emerging trends within its field while offering advice accordingly.

Digital marketing agencies may be called upon to develop an email campaign and implement, monitor, and tune it for their client before monitoring and making adjustments throughout its runtime. They might also create text and visuals for websites or social media posts.

Finding an agency to meet your business goals and objectives can be daunting, yet selecting one should not be overlooked. Key aspects to look for include experience and expertise, transparency and communication, pricing structure, industry awards/recognitions as well as location – Flightpath is an NYC based digital marketing agency serving clients from different industries.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is the practice of devising and conducting experiments designed to facilitate sustainable scalable growth. It can be an invaluable asset in customer acquisition for small businesses or early-stage startups with limited resources, while digital marketing agencies should offer various growth hacking strategies in 2022 in order to attract clients while remaining competitive in their industries.

Growth hacking differs from traditional marketing in that it employs cost-cutting strategies with creative concepts that can easily be replicated and scaled. Companies using growth hacking can measure and track the effectiveness of their campaigns to identify any that fail and dispose of those that don’t work effectively.

Airbnb’s use of Craigslist as a growth hack to increase user acquisition is a prime example. Their strategy involves both creativity and research; knowing your goals before embarking on any growth hacking campaigns will help ensure their success. You should test a few ideas until one proves promising before refining it further.

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